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Windows9x/NT/2K/XP/7+ software written here and shared as-is:
TinyTime9 8.5 KB. Update January 2012. Queries National Institute of Standards and Technology timeserver ( for correct time (+/- 1 second), sets your system clock and exits. No frills, no options. Automatically queries second server if the first does not respond.
TinyQuant 22 KB. A miniature utility for gel image analysis. Useful for integrating densities of gel bands in 16 bit greyscale (PC or Mac format ".gel" or TIFF files) or 24 bit RGB TIFF images, and for converting these to 8 bit greyscale TIFFs. Also useful for generating optimised 8 bit greyscale images from 24 bit RGB scans.
v1.51 Sept 2006 added arrow key movement of frame, keyboard shortcuts and copying of image portions to the clipboard.
v1.52 Jan 2007 added display of frame dimensions.
v1.53 May 2007 now handles more recent versions of .gel format images and notifies if image pixels are represented as square roots. ** Copy of image to Clipboard works in Win 9x but not currently in Win 2000/XP.
v1.54 May 2007 copy of image to Clipboard now also working in Win 2000/XP. (There is a bug in W2K+ systems, negative height is not detected as a flag for top-down representation of a DIB. See link ).
v1.55 Oct 2007 fixes a minor bug in behaviour of the contrast sliders at extreme positions.
PoissonMax 7.6 KB, computes Poisson maximum likelihood mean frequency from limiting dilution data, with 95% confidence limits and Chi-square value. Runs in a command window under all 32 bit Windows versions, and from v2.9 under 64 bit versions as well. On Mac OS the program can be run in the appropriate version of DOSBox (
v1.0 Aug 2008 fixed bug that would crash the program if the total number of negative replicas was equal to the number of cohorts
v1.2 Oct 2008 fixed problems that could crash the program if the data conform poorly to the Poisson model.
v2.7 Aug 2010 improved convergence algorithms for better tolerance of weakly conforming data and wide titration ranges
v2.8 Oct 2010 fixed potential crasher with poorly conforming data
v2.9 Jan 2012 compiled for compatibility with 64 bit Windows versions
TED v1.1 3.0 KB, runs under MS-DOS, or in a command window under Windows. You want this if your hobby is booting PC's from floppy disks with limited space and you want to read/edit/write text files with either MS-DOS or Unix format line-endings. A modification of Tom Kihlken's original Tiny EDitor v1.0, with assembly source.
QuietCopy v1.0 8 KB, for Win9x, not needed in later Windows versions. QuietCopy alleviates the problem of system freezing during copying of large files to hard drive under Windows 9x, permitting other activities to multitask normally during the copy. Assembly language source here, an example of COM implementation.
Microsoft Photo Editor v patch NIv6 307 KB download. Patched version fixes problems handling larger image sizes, restoring window after minimized, and handling high zoom factors in 32 bit displays for pixel editing. This is the executable file from the graphics editor package installable with MS Office 97/2000/XP (more information here). Compatible with all Windows versions through Windows 7 64 bit. If you already have it installed within MS Office, just replace the PHOTOED.EXE file with the patched version. If you don't have Office 97/2000/XP installed, use the MS Office CD as instructed here, or consult the information posted here, here or here. After installing as above, replace the PHOTOED.EXE file with the patched version.

Above programs are ©2001, 2002, 2013 Norman Iscove