The Sherar Lab for Image-Guided Minimally-Invasive Therapy

Group photo taken with a FLIR ThermaCAM SC2000 thermal camera.

The Research

Our laboratory is working on the development of image guided minimally invasive therapies (MIT) for cancer treatment, with foci in thermal therapy and ultrasound image guidance. This work is based on the broad hypothesis that image guided MIT's can achieve equivalent or better efficacy and improved complication profiles than standard treatments for some solid tumour sites.

Specifically, we are currently engaged in clinical trials in microwave thermal therapy for prostate cancer, radiofrequency thermal therapy for kidney cancer and the use of high frequency ultrasound imaging to monitor the process of apoptosis as an early surrogate marker for tumour response to radiation or chemotherapy in basal cell carcinoma and other superficial cancers. Earlier, laboratory stage work on the development of a novel, completely non-invasive ultrasound image guided ultrasound thermal therapy system with application to renal cancer is in progress. Another main area of focus is the development of treatment planning systems for MIT's including thermal therapy and photodynamic therapy.

Graduate students are involved in all aspects of the research cycle from, theoretical analysis and modelling, technology development and evaluation to animal and finally human trials.

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The People

Tissue Property Measurement Principal Investigator
Mihaela Pop Dr. Michael Sherar
Arthur Worthington  
  Scientific Collaborators
Mathematical Modelling Dr. Gregory Czarnota
and Treatment Planning Dr. John Hunt
Sean Davidson Dr. Michael Jewett
Dr. J. Carl Kumaradas Dr. Michael Kolios
Mihaela Pop Dr. John Trachtenberg
Wu Xia Dr. William Whelan
Applicator Development and Testing Graduate Students
Sean Davidson Claire McCann
Wu Xia Claudia Strobele
  Wu Xia
Image-Based Treatment Monitoring
Dr. Mark Gertner Research Staff
Peter Bevan Sean Davidson
Claudia Strobele Dr. Mark Gertner

Arthur Worthington

High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging
Ralph Baddour Alumni
  Peter Bevan
Clinical Trials Dr. J. Carl Kumaradas
Sean Davidson Mihaela Pop
Dr. Mark Gertner Ralph Baddour

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