Principal Investigator

  Fei-Fei Liu, MD FRCPC (CV)



Scientific Associates


Kenneth W Yip, PhD


Professor, University of Toronto


Research Projects: Drug discovery; High-throughput screens; Apoptosis; Experimental therapeutics

Dr. Yip's Website


Research Associates

  Willa Shi, MD

Research Projects: HPV; Experimental therapeutics; miRNA/mRNA global profiling & characterization

  Jeff Bruce, PhD (Supervised by Dr. Trevor Pugh)

Research Projects: Analysis of genome-scale data sets from molecular profiling experiments of cancer patient samples



Postdoctoral Fellows

  Pierre-Antoine Bissey, PhD

Research Projects: Multi-omic profiling and biological significance of nasopharyngeal carcinoma



Graduate Students

  Xiao Zhao, MD - PhD Candidate

Research Projects: Manipulating extracellular matrix homeostasis through metabolism to regulate fibrosis

  Jennifer Kwan, MD - PhD Candidate

Research Projects: Lymphedema reversal
  Pamela Psarianos - MSc Candidate

Research Projects: Reversal of radiation fibrosis through epigenetic reprogramming
  Jacqueline Law - MSc Candidate

Research Projects: Determinants of metastasis in head and neck cancer


Research Technicians

  Justin Williams, BSc

Research Projects: Pre-clinical drug evaluation Experimental therapeutics; miRNA/mRNA global profiling & characterization



Research Analysts

  Lisa Chong, MSc




Takashi Kinoshita, MD PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (2014-2017)

Research Projects: Extracellular vesicles secreted by adipose stromal cells stimulate angiogenesis and reverse fibrosis


Tara Spence, PhD

Scientific Associate (2015-2017)


Camilla Giovino

Summer Student (2015-2016)

Research Projects: Identification of metastasis-associated miRNAs in head and neck cancer cell line exosomes


Hilary Pang

Summer Student (2015-2016)

Research Projects: Extracellular vesicles secreted by adipose stromal cells stimulate angiogenesis and reverse fibrosis


Winnie Yue Research Technician, 2016
Pamela Psarianos Summer Student, 2015
Matthew Rowe Summer Student, 2015
Jacqueline Law Summer Student, 2015
Payam Zahedi Scientific Associate, 2015
Lusia Sepiashvili PhD Student, 2015
Ellen Lee Summer Student, 2014
Pamela Psarianos Summer Student, 2014
Matthew Rowe Summer Student, 2014
Ryunosuke Kogo Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014
Jeff Bruce PhD Student, 2014
Christine How PhD Student, 2013 / PDF 2014
Angela Hui Scientific Associate, 2013
Matthew Lee Summer Student, 2013
Annette Wong Summer Student, 2013
Michelle Lenarduzzi  PhD Student, 2013
Philip Wong Research Fellow, 2013
Noriko Nakatsugawa Research Fellow, 2012
Takashi Kawanaka Research Fellow, 2012
Ronald Wu MSc Student, 2012
Nehad Alajez Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011
Ying Yi Zhang Summer Student, 2011
Kimberley Shek Summer Student, 2011
Emma Ito PhD Student, 2010 / Scientific Associate, 2012
Inki Kim Scientific Associate, 2010
Christine P'ng Summer Student, 2010
Erika Lee Summer Student, 2010
Hisayuki Kato Research Fellow, 2009
David Katz MSc Student, 2008
Asim Mian Research Technician, 2008
Carlo Bastianutto Scientific Associate, 2008
Kate Gerster Summer Student, 2008
Joseph Mocanu PhD Student, 2007
Tiffaney Krushel Summer Student, 2007
Jian-Hua Li Research Technician, 2006
Marie Chia PhD Student, 2006
Ken Yip PhD Student, 2006
Joe Martin MSc Student, 2006
Helen Zheng Research Technician, 2006
Ben Ng Summer Student, 2005
Barbara Bachtiary Research Fellow, 2005
Adriane Yong PhD Student, 2005
Jeff Wong PhD Student, 2004
Alex Louie Summer Student, 2004
Andrew Lee MSc Student, 2003
Emily Ng Summer Student, 2003
Anthony Brade PhD/MD Student, 2002
Nancy Ma PhD Student, 2001
Laura Weinrib MSc Student, 2000
Stuart Lax MSc Student, 1999