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Norman Iscove

Norman Iscove

M.D., Ph.D., University of Toronto

Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower
MaRS Centre
101 College Street, Room 8-356
Toronto, ON M5G 1L7 CANADA

Phone: (416) 581-7460
Lab Phone: (416) 581-7462, 581-7464
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Self-renewal in normal and leukemic blood stem cells

Sustained ability to self-renew is the signature capacity of stem cells. In adult tissues that contain actively dividing cells, such as the epithelial layers of the gut or skin, or the blood forming system, the stem cells maintain themselves indefinitely, in contrast to the greatly more numerous differentiating progeny that have only finite lifespans. The continuous maintenance of such tissues therefore depends critically on the self-renewal activity of the stem cells. Malignant tumours have also been shown in recent years to be organized in a similar way, depending on rare tumour stem cells for the continued persistence and growth of the tumour.

Research in our lab is focused on core mechanisms of self-renewal in precursor cells of the mammalian blood-forming system:

Overall, our research program addresses self-renewal, a central mechanism in normal and cancer systems. The longer term aim is to facilitate development of therapeutic approaches with curative potential in human leukemia via direct targeting of the self-renewal process.


Key publications from the lab are listed here.

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